Project Hezar Sangar

May 13, 2014
Project Pigeon Of Medina
May 13, 2014

The first-person 3-d game "Hezar-Sangar" is my first professional project that developed by unreal engine 4. My main role in this project was gameplay programming include character and artificial intelligence design. You can watch some concept and parts of alpha gameplay that introduce ability of main character and artificial intelligence. All parts of gameplay have created by C++ and implementation of missions done in blueprint by level designer regard to my beneficial C++ function that I create for the level designer.

  • Advance artificial intelligence System
  • Friend artificial intelligence System with automatic behavior in war
  • Fps character development
  • Advance artificial intelligence animation system
  • Cover Ability for AI
  • Guard artificial intelligence with vision and hear sensitivity
  • Great challenge in making advance artificial intelligence
  • Opportunity for professional development
this game is under development process
Demo Version : Alpha 08
the second demo is about patrol AI property like vision, hear or something else also in this version you can see player ability to hide between bushes and different behavior in same event.
in the third demo you can see old version of AI that developed to be better. demo version : Alpha 04