In The Name Of Freedom E1 : Vietnam

Artificial Intelligence
April 13, 2017
Multiplayer / Network
February 21, 2017

The third-person adventure "In The Name Of Freedom Episode 1 : Vietnam" was my last project that developed by unreal engine 4. My main role in this project was lead gameplay programmer include character, artificial intelligence and UI also I created some cut scene on this game. All parts of game-play have created by C++ and implementation of missions done in blueprint by level designer and I regard to my beneficial C++ function that I created for the level designer. please watch the demo on portfolio section.

  • some platform gameplay abilities for the main character
  • Main Menu And UI
  • AI
  • Gameplay Implementation
  • Great job with ue4
  • Interesting projects for improve programming abilities
  • Opportunity for professional development

please visit the game website for more information at Hammer Games Studio