Artificial Intelligence

In The Name Of Freedom E1 : Vietnam
March 13, 2017

This AI demo developed for Hezarsangar project that you can see more information about it on this page. In this demo, you can see two opposite side of enemies that fight against each other, one of them is the friend and another is our enemy. Each Ai can take cover or change cover dynamically and also they have the technical movement like offensive and defensive tactics. The first demo is Ai action abilities and seconds one is patrol situation that enemy is sensitive about hear and noise and they have vision.
this work developed by UE4 and c++


A technical ai demo in ue4. group war. your group advance if all enemy be dead


This two demo in Unity3d is just a test about Flock Behavior that I followed a tutorial to make this.


A classical AI that characters use old weapon system.


A stealth demo that AI can see and hear your activities


A simple demo that enemy killing free hand people.It's just for fun.I developed it on UE4 and c++


A simple demo that two big group of people killing each other. it is just for fun


A work in UDK game engine with AI that I add more animation details on the movement that you can see that when AI turn to left or right or wants to start running.


One of my old work with Ai in UDK game engine that I called it "IGI".It was just for fun.